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If you used to use our services, or have found us on the internet and want a henna artist for parties, home appointments, eids, bar/bat mitvahs or any other reason, this page will redirect you to other fully trained and talented artists!

Moroccan Hands

Make sure whoever you choose uses only safe and natural ingredients!
Henna is the most safe and natural form of Body Art available today. There are no harsh chemical dyes or needles involved, so there is NO PAIN.
Henna dyes only the top few layers of skin, so designs will last from 3 days to 3 weeks.
The image at the left shows a Moroccan Design after the Henna paste has been removed. The resulting stain can be orange, brown, red or even burgundy. Your color depends on a few things:
#1-Placement of the design on your body (calloused areas last longest)
#2-Time left on.The longer you leave the henna paste on, the more time it has to penetrate the layers of your skin. The best way to achieve this is to protect it with a wrap and leave it on over night.
#3-Warmth. Stay warm and you will see the difference. Really!

After you remove the paste, the stain will be bright orange, but turn brown or dark red over the next 12-24 hours. Try to avoid scrubbing, harsh chemicals, detergents and chlorine because these will cause your skin to exfoliate faster.

BLACK HENNA: BAD, BAD, STUFF! There is no such thing as safe black henna. If you are considering it, please have a look at this link: BLACK HENNA INFO
Red Veil Mehndi has NEVER used Black Henna, nor will it endorse anyone who does, so don't bother asking me to link to your henna business if you use it.